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Article by Zach Hoyle

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4-412: Ford Crown Victoria and Lincoln Town Car - Common Problems and Solutions

These are very good and very reliable sedans and all parts are commonly available and relatively inexpensive. Here are a few tips on how to keep your car on the road without costly repairs.


1. One of the most common and costly problems for these cars is the transmission. These cars are heavy well built with full frames, rear wheel drive, and a V8 engine (4.6L). This combination can be hard on the transmission. Here is a simple way to make that expensive transmission last longer. Have the transmission flushed and the transmission filter changed. If it has been over a year or 40,000 miles and you have not had a transmission flush, then it is more than over due.

Transmissions literally get clogged up over time as the fluid is converted into a solid. If you keep your transmission serviced by a professional then it should last just as long as the engine or longer. Use a quality oriented transmission service company and use premium fluids and filters to keep your transmission in service longer. This type service is often neglected by the car owner and the transmission goes for years and years without a service. If this is you, then you may be replacing the transmission in your car at some point. For these particular car makes and models if you don't service and maintain the transmission, then you usually do not get 100,000 miles of service before having a significant problem. Presently, the average cost for a transmission on these cars is around $1200 in North Carolina - not including labor.

2. Another major problem with the Ford Crown Victoria and the Lincoln Town Car and other Ford cars with the 4.6L V8 motor: The intake manifold frequently cracks or leaks antifreeze. This is a serious auto problem because this motor is usually equipped with a plastic intake manifold that means problems. One way to forestall the problem and possibly avoid it completely is to replace your factory thermostat with a low temp thermostat. Also keep the antifreeze changed frequently. This is very important and should be done yearly regardless of whether you drive the car often or not. Keeping the antifreeze changed helps to avoid costly engine repairs like water pumps, head gaskets, intake manifold, thermostat, coils and more.

3. Another issue with these models is the power steering pumps. They commonly develop a whining nose, they leak fluid and they also do not work well after continuous usage. Also failure to change power steering fluid can result in power steering box leaking and failure. You can avoid these problems by changing your power steering fluid. It is inexpensive and it can save you hundreds of dollars in serious future repairs.

4. Shocks are an issue with every car but definitely an issue with these particular models. These cars are big and heavy and they need good quality shocks changed every 50,000 miles or at least checked. If you experience uneven tire wear, lack of control, bottoming out, floating, or body roll in curves, then you may need new shocks. Also some of these models have rear air shocks that also need changing because the rubber boots crack and dry rot and causes the car air suspension to leak. This can cause air compressor damage and lead to more costly repairs.

5. Rear end gear and fluid is also a big concern with theses models. Remember if you own one of these cars or any other rear wheel drive car you have to change the rear end fluid. It you do not then you are going to spend a lot of money replacing the ring and pinion gear in the rear end. I can easily and economically change that old rear end fluid so you do not over heat the ring and pinion and destroy your entire rear end.

- article by Zach Hoyle

Zachary Hoyle is factory certified mechanic and 2008 graduate of Universal Technical Institute (UTI/MMI).
Zach owns Hoyle Auto Service http://www.hoyleautoservice.com located in Lincoln County, NC and services most cars, motorcycles and ATVs.