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Complete economical brake repair and service of all kinds: New brake pads, New brake rotors, Turned brake rotors - ask

Brake rotors worn out

Brake rotors need repair

Drilled and slotted brake rotors

Drilled brake rotors

Complete auto brake service available, new brakes, turned rotors, new rotors, new brake rotor installed in above photo

1999 oldsmobile aurora 4.0 liter 32 valve northstar: Oil change, coolant flush, thermostat, tire rotation, brake job, idler pulley, new belt, new altnator, plugs, wires, valve cover gaskets and fuel filter, service

1999 oldsmobile aurora auto brake service

Chevy Tahoe service, car on the lift is ready for service and maintenance, brake repair

Camaro car repair and service maintenance, brake service, rotors turned

New brake rotor service

New brake rotor service (2)

New brake rotor and brake pads service

Old worn grooved brake rotor

Squeaky worn brakes can destroy your brake rotors plus they are very unsafe. Worn brakes also run hotter damaging critical brake components like warping the rotors, wearing out the caliper seal and depleting the brake fluid. Remember brakes are a very critical system on cars and other autos. If you feel a shutter or shaking when you apply brakes, if you hear squeaky break pads or if you feel spongy or soft brake pedal, then your car is unsafe and could cause an accident that may cost thousands of dollars.

Replace your squeaky brake pads today before it is too late and you have to spend more money on replacing the rotors, calipers, seals, and brake fluid.

Call Hoyle Auto Service for fair pricing on performance slotted and drilled brake rotors that run cooler and last longer. Our recommended rotors also have a zinc coating to prevent corrosion and rust. Hoyle Auto Service can repair your brakes before you have to spend unnecessary money on extensive repairs.