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1999 oldsmobile aurora 4.0 liter 32 valve northstar: Oil change, coolant flush, thermostat, tire rotation, brake job, idler pulley, new belt, new altnator, plugs, wires, valve cover gaskets and fuel filter, service

1999 oldsmobile aurora auto service

1999 oldsmobile aurora on garage hydraulic lift

Old intake manifold gasket failed and allowed water to enter the engine. Change your car anifreeze regularly and flush the cooling system to prevent this. The old antifreeze becomes corrosive inside the engine. If you don't change antifreeze and clean the cooling system at least once a year it can brakedown interntal engine components and gaskets leading to costly engine repairs. Get your car anifreeze changed today before you end up spending money on a car fix that was avoidable.

Failed intake manifold gasket due to not flushing and cleaning out the radiator and cooling system

New intake manifold replacement, repair was caused by cooling system not being flushed (radiator flush and coolant system flush)

Car engine push rods intake manifold service

Army race car service and repair

Car engine tensioner pulley service, replacement and belt replacement

Car engine alternator service, new alternators and drive belts are available for any car, truck, SUV

Air filter replacement service

Valve cover gasket replacement service

Chevy Tahoe service, car on the lift is ready for service and maintenance

Race car motor service

Car chassis repair

Car intake manifold replacement

427 car engine

Factory 5 car kit assembly

Factory 5 car kit suspension

Auto engine repair

Auto engine repair and service

1999 Chevrolet Lumina service and maintenance, oil, fluids, etc.

Army truck engine repair service 427b

LS2 GM crate car motor

Auto motor mount repair 1

Auto motor mount repair 2

Camaro car repair and service maintenance

Welding auto repair service

Army truck repair

Radiator flush and cooling system flush and service

Engine belt replacement

Classic 63 Biscayne service 1

Classic 63 Biscayne service 2

Classic 63 Biscayne service 3

Oil in coil pack of 1998 Lexus LS 400 due to bad valve cover gasket can cause a miss in engine fire.
It can cause service engine light to come on and lead to failure of the expensive coil packs!

Lexus service

Lexus service

Lexus valve covers

Silverado rear end replacement